Tiny Cut

What’s a tiny cut you ask? I live and die with a 32nd or a 64th of an inch and it’s difficult when you need to trim a board by that amount using field equipment. So a tiny cut that will quickly remove a 64th to a 32nd of an inch is accomplished by first placing your material onto the trim or miter saw. Press the saw down as far as it will go, then slide the material until it just touches the flat body of the blade, while holding the material firmly, allow the saw to rise back up, squeeze the trigger and trim a 64th off the length of your material. Like wise, do the same process, only press the material against the blade using a slight amount of pressure. This will produce a trim of aproximately 1/32nd of an inch. A little practice will perfect your skill and soon it will be easy enough to readily fit pieces of a project into place.

Blank Page

This is in here as a marker, I'm not sure exactly what I'm going to use it for. I may try to use it for wood working tips and tricks that a professional carpenter uses in his trade. Expensive tools are nice, but in the field it's a long way to the shop and you have to make do with what's on hand. 

Jack Rigg