It's great when you finish a project, you get paid and everyone will part ways happy. But then you get an unexpected text message or email, maybe just a phone call... That's when you realize the effort really paid off, that's what you really wanted and the satisfaction that, having gone the extra minute, hour or day was worth it. I do this hoping to earn a good living, and for the most part I do okay, but, even when we don't, we always do good work... 


C. Johnson 1/14/16

“Love our new stairs! Thanks Jack, for all the hard work”

C. Dufour 1/15/16

“Beautiful job, Jack.Thank you SO MUCH for all the time you spent on the stairs. The result is stunning!”

C. McCann 3/7/16

“The steps really look awesome, I really love them”

D. Duncan 4/10/16

“Jack, do you have a website where people post comments about your work? We are so pleased with the work and the professionalism”

A. Schubert 10/24/16

“We are so glad we chose you. Just wish everybody was as professional as you. Have a great weekend.”

D. Schubert 11/8/16

“The stairs are beautiful and I love, love, love my balusters! It is sooo pretty. I’m pretty sure I stared at them most of the night”

S. Williams 1/2/17

“Thank you for the beautiful stairs and the laundry room cabinet. We are in love with our new stairs. We were very impressed with your craftsmanship. You are very thorough and work until everything is perfect. 
I highly recommend you to all my friends!

C. Parish 1/26/17

“Jack did an amazing job transforming our stairs. No surprises. Arrived when he said he would, completed work on schedule he said. Reasonably priced. Highly recommend.”

J. Estes 2/24/17

“We are very happy with the outcome and incredibly impressed you followed up this morning. If it wouldn't be too much hassle we would be very happy with another quote. Also, whenever you have time to draw up that garage with ideas I'm excited to see. “